Published: 16 June 2014

With Expo2015 in sight, Officine Rigamonti renews its commitment to promoting quality and focusing on customer service, by distinguishing itself with the Eccellenze Italiane mark.

“Abroad, a lot is often said about Italian production” – states Andrea Rigamonti, Marketing and International Sales Manager of the company from Valduggia – “but only a few companies are truly Italian. For this reason, we have decided to adhere to the Eccellenze Italiane mark, to defend our origins and assign value to our products, which are all made only in Italy”.

The pathway that leads us to overseas markets departs from the protection of the brand and its business specifics. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of a sector in which it has been operating for more than 60 years, Officine Rigamonti succeeds in creating tailor-made products that are entirely designed and produced in Italy.

Its continuous investments in the production segment have made it possible for the company to manage important orders and overcome technical challenges such as creating pressure-reducing valves with piston that withstand working temperatures of over 130° C; a type of resistance that is superfluous in Italy but essential, for example for plumbing systems to be used during the harsh Russian winters.

“The Eccellenze Italiane mark will be displayed on all our company communication tools” – concludes Rigamonti – “furthermore, we offer our customers further protection in the form of the Anti-Counterfeiting Code N° 2310, by which it is possible to verify in real-time whether the product truly belongs to an Italian manufacturer”.

With 5 production lines and an annual consumption of 15,000 quintals of brass, Officine Rigamonti exports its products to over 20 countries, located throughout the five continents. In the last decade, OR’s growth trend has proved constant. The percentage increases in business registered between 2009 and 2013 were double figure values and, even when the global trend in the market is negative, the company has in any case registered a positive increment exceeding 57%.

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